For the past couple of years, my family has been doing Secret Santa gift exchanges via an online website, since so many of us no longer live in Hilo or go home for the holidays. The site assigns you to someone and you go to their wish list and send it along from St. Nick. This year I changed my wishlist to be just one item: a wok.

We’ve been trying to eat more vegetables to force the kids into being used to them and in order to do that, I’ve been making stir fry every 1-2 weeks. However, since I don’t own a wok, stuff like this happens:

I Need a Wok

I put a whole lot of veggies in, including almost half a head of won bok. After I dumped it in a realized what was wrong, but was too stubborn to take some out. I ended up just using tongs to pull cooked veggies from the bottom until the bulky won bok cooked down to a smaller consistency. It worked, but man was that freaking annoying and time-consuming…

Hopefully I changed my wish list before my secret Santa did his shopping, because this whole skillet stir fry thing isn’t going so well. >_<

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