Last month, struggling newbie cook Crystal Watanabe reported that her garlic bulbs had gone missing. Understandably distressed, Mrs. Watanabe informed authorities that she suspected the garlic had run away.

“It’s dangerous out there in my kitchen. They’re all alone with no idea where they are. I mean, I don’t even know where they are…”

Fortunately, the missing garlic bulbs have since been found behind the cooking factory called GE Microwave. Although initially alarmed by their discovery, they now are safe and sound.

Garlic Runaways

A frustrated Watanabe issued the following statement, “I should have suspected that they were all hiding in one place. That was the second batch of bulbs that had gone missing and I’m pretty sure the first runaway returned to convince the others to escape. I’m glad to have them back, but that first bulb is going straight into my next dish!”

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