The Easter cupcakes are done and I’m very happy to report that they came out just as planned! I was so scared that I was going to have spent hours on the figures only to mess them up when it came to frosting. Aside from the figures I made, I had a nest of eggs to do.

This afternoon, I made two sets of frosting: green buttercream (using Bakerella’s recipe) and chocolate cream cheese frosting (from Cupcake Project).

I bought Wilton’s #233 Decorating Tip and a Coupling Set, then used Ziploc bags for piping. First, I had to do all the grass, putting the bag in the freezer every now and then to firm it back up. It took a bit of practice, but wasn’t that hard!

Piping Grass

I’m pretty happy I didn’t spend 7 bucks on pastry bags. Ziplocs worked fine with the coupler. (the plastic thing securing the bag to the tip) Now I just had to add the figures, which I did by inserting a toothpick and then poking that into the cupcake.

Anyway, here’s the sheep, munching on her frosting grass.

Sheep Cupcake

I love how her head is tilted, like she’s confused. I’m sorry Miss Sheep, but I can confirm that yes, that cute smiling child is going to EAT YOU!

Next up, bunny rabbit with three jellybean eggs!

Easter Bunny Cupcake

Next up is Mr. Bumblebee. I gave him a fondant flower to polinate.

Easter Bumblebee Cupcake

Bzz bzz!

Now here’s Mr. Piggy, chillin’ in the grass.


Baa-ram-ewe! Sorry the focus is off on some of these, but my camera’s auto-focus has been making me crazy. I have to look up what is wrong. Sometimes it just refuses to focus.

Easter Chick Cupcake

I piped the chocolate cream cheese frosting on using the same tip (after I’d finished all the grass) and was very happy with the frosting consistency. I know, the nest and bird are really not proportional, but I’m pretty sure the kids will forgive me.


This is a nest of Whopper Robin Eggs. This is Buddy’s favorite. He started freaking out when he saw it, telling me that the nest made him SO EXCITED. I think it was just that I hadn’t shown them the nest until the cupcake was frosted, so they had no idea I was throwing in one extra design.

Here they are, all done! (from various angles)

Fondant Easter Cupcakes

I will slit my wrists if these are melted tomorrow morning.

Easter Cupcakes

Please no melting! I used half shortening instead of all butter to help combat melting!!


Haha, that sheep looks like it’s prancing. 😀

Happy Easter!!

Tomorrow’s gonna be craaazy!

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