A Cupcake Box Nightmare Part 2, Produced by Dress My Cupcake

Update: Added my little disclaimer that I forgot to put in the first time. ^

So a lot of you read my UPS rant about some idiot who “delivered” my cupcake boxes by throwing them over the fence, which led to our dog having an early dinner of cardboard. I filed a claim with UPS with no problems and fumed in my house over the whole ordeal.

Little did I know that it wasn’t over.

Dress My Cupcake, the third party seller that I bought this item from on Amazon sent me a message this morning:

Hi Crystal,

I’m so sorry about the damaged case you received.  UPS did approve the claim and we would like to get a replacement sent out to you asap but I had 1 question.  Were just the boxes damaged and not the inserts?  Please send over photos of the all damaged boxes to [e-mail address removed] at your earliest convenience. We will ship the order overnight to assure you receive the boxes as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Kind regards,

Great, the claim is approved and she’s being nice about sending a replacement. I didn’t want the boxes anymore because of their shipping snafu that caused the boxes to arrive on the 27th instead of the 23rd (more on that in a bit). I was sick of this bullshit already and was ready to just take things into my own hands and make the boxes myself.

Hi Maya,

I’m sorry, but this whole thing has been such a nightmare that I just don’t want to deal with it anymore. I would like to just get my money back and I will make the boxes myself. Your email address was removed from the message, so hopefully this makes it to you. I’ve attached the image of the box that got annihilated by my dog. I’d actually already picked up most of the boxes at this point to put them in the house, but if you want I can take a photo of the teeth marks, dirt, and drool on those when I get home. The really sad part is that my cupcake order got delayed again, so I was actually going to keep and use the product instead of returning it like I’d talked about with someone at your company on the phone. I’m still so incredibly mad at the UPS driver. I’m glad they approved the claim.

At this point, Maya called me up on the phone to say that they couldn’t refund my money because UPS hadn’t paid them yet and they didn’t know how much they’d get paid. In addition to that, my photo did not show all of the boxes destroyed, so I would only be issued a partial refund. I tried to get her to tell me how the hell you justify a box ripped open and strewn all over a yard by a dog as NOT being a total loss of product. I can’t fucking pick out the ones that “look” okay and use them to pack up FOOD. I don’t know what boxes were licked by the dog and then the drool dried before I could get photographic evidence.

Needless to say I was really, really pissed. I sarcastically asked her if she wanted me to ship her back the damaged product and to my dismay, she said yes, she would like that.

Is this so she could re-package the “good” ones to send to some other sucker?

In any case, I was so mad and flustered that I told her I would do that and that I would take more photos for her when I got home.


On second thought, I don’t want to have to spend more money to ship these boxes back to you and then only get a half refund.

I will take the photos when I get home from work and send them to you. You don’t need to send them overnight, as I don’t intend to use them for this project anymore anyway. I’ll find some other use for them in the future. Please let me know if you can use USPS. If not, please send the replacement box to:

My reasoning was that instead of getting half my money back AND paying to ship them the product back, effectively costing myself about 65 bucks and getting nothing in return, I should just accept the replacement and get the full value of what I’d paid for.

But then when I got home and started taking pictures, Mr. Pikko asked why I even had to do that in the first place. What I had failed to realize in my raging frustration was that Dress My Cupcake not only already had my $102.74, but they would be getting an additional $85 from UPS. And they were saying they couldn’t refund me, they could only replace my product. If I insisted on a refund, it would only be partial because “not all of the product was damaged”. That is, of course, complete bullshit.

I called up Amazon and filed something called an A-Z Guarantee claim and it’s up to them to determine whether I get my money back. But while I was looking through things, I noticed something.

Now I’ve already said that I suspect that they never sent my first order because it seemed too coincidental that my “second” package shipped the day after I called to ask where my first one was. To refresh your memory, they said that the box was shipped via FedEx, but that FedEx had “messed up the zip code” and sent the package back to their warehouse. Only look at what it says under the delivery estimate:

1 package via UPS

The shipping estimate is the original “FedEx” ship date, NOT the actual UPS ship date of March 20. And I’d also like to add that they never called me to tell me that they’d sent a second package. I had to call them to inquire on the tracking number.

In summary, Dress My Cupcake seems to have a very dog-friendly policy because they seem to think that I could technically still use boxes opened by a dog that they’ve been paid twice for. Stay far, far away from them because they have no concept of customer service or sanitation.

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Author: Pikko

A short little Asian lady and closet potty mouth, Pikko lives in Honolulu, Hawaii with her husband and two children. A cookbook author, she loves reading, blogging, cooking, crafts, and couch vegetation.

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  1. Amazon is usually really good about taking care of problems with their 3 party vendors, though I still prefer to deal with the items that stipulate they’re “fulfilled by Amazon”. The A-Z Guarantee pages says: “The condition of the item you buy and its timely delivery are guaranteed under the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee.” and you can show it shipped 6 days later then the estimate shipping date and arrived 4 days later then the estimate delivery date. Just make sure Amazon is aware of the whole situation so these lil cupcake connivers don’t have wiggle room to spin the story and make you look like that bad guy.

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    • I actually really try to do that too, buy things from Amazon because they’ll ship to my PO Box no problem, but in this case there was no other option that I could find.

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  2. Whenever I want to do online shopping I usually prefer to place the orders at websites that do not use any third party vendors. And there are so many websites that provides cheap cupcake boxes and deliver timely also. Try to use some other websites next time.

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