Whee! It’s almost Halloween, my favorite holiday! I’m still planning out my Halloween dinner for this year’s party, but I’m thinking it’s a good year to bring back the good ole spaghetti intestines and mozz eyeballs. What are you doing for Halloween?

This is a punny joke I’ve been waiting to do for weeks. I tested it out on my daughter last night, and her reaction was to say “UGGGH” and push my face away so she wouldn’t have to see my HYUK-HYUK-HYUK expression. The groan factor is on track to be just what I was going for! 🙂

As an editor, I see semicolon misuse a lot, but it’s really nothing to be ashamed or afraid of. I didn’t get the hang of it until college, and I was an English major! Not sure why a semicolon was put in or taken out of your manuscript? Don’t be afraid to ask your editor; there’s a good chance they’d love to help you master it.

Happy Halloween!

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