Well, hey there! Nice to see you in 2018. 🙂

This week’s SimpleMarkup stems from a conversation I was just having with a fellow editor. We were bemoaning certain things in spelling (hyphenation rules), and it came up that it’s so annoying how you can be so certain how to spell a word, but after seeing so many people mangle words online, that little nagging of self-doubt can creep in.

You’ve probably been there. You see a word spelled ridiculously. You have a chuckle. Then your brow wrinkles. It is spelled the way you’re formerly-100%-but-now-99.99% certain it is, right? You rush to Merriam-Webster’s website.

Whew. You were right. But, boy, were you not sure for a few frantic seconds!

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Hope you all are having a fantastic January so far. To kick off the new year, I’m giving away a SimpleMarkup tote bag.

I ordered one for myself and one to give away, and so I got to open it and look at it. It’s got the image printed on both sides, and the tote is a nice, thick material with black cloth lining the inside. This sells on my store for $20+shipping.

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