Book Mock-up Gallery

The long journey bringing your book to the world is about to start a new chapter. Now it's time to market it!
My clients have a variety of complimentary services available to them once the project is about to be released, one of them being a mock-up image to be used for promotion. View the sample mock-up gallery below to choose the image you wish to order. Proofreading clients may order up to one complimentary mock-up image. Editing clients may order up to two complimentary images. Clients that utilize both editing and proofreading services may order up to three complimentary images. Additional images can be purchased for $5 each. All images can be ordered with a blank background in addition to the image shown at no additional cost. If you would like to order mockups, please contact me.

#01 – Ebook, plain

#02 – Ebook on shelf

#03 – Book on desk

Variations available: Matte or glossy, paperback or hardback

 #04 – Ebook and paperback

Variations available: Ebook or paperback separately; tablet reflection can be removed

#05 – Paperback on bench

#06 – Paperback Gray Bench

#07 – Hardcover on Rock

Variations available: Matte or glossy

#08 – Park Table

Variations available: Paperback or hardback, matte or glossy

#09 – Hardback Upright

#10 – Paperback on Rock

Variations available: Matte or glossy

The Dreamers Mockup

#11 – PB on Gray Table

Variations available: Matte or glossy

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