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NOTE: Before contacting me about a complimentary editing sample, please be sure to review my starting rates. A calculator is available for your use in the sidebar. Mahalo!

If you have reviewed my experience, service pages, pricing, and the way I do business and would like to request an estimate for editing services for your manuscript, please email me at Please use the word EDITOR or BETA READER in your email to ensure you bypass my spam filter. It is highly irregular for me to not reply, so if you do not hear from me within 24 hours, please re-send your email to You can also fill out the form below to send your request.

I prefer to do a sample edit to help me determine the amount of work required. The sample edit will usually be 2-3 pages, but authors have the option of paying for a longer sample edit (10 pages max for $35). Please note that I do not do developmental editing samples. Authors interested in developmental editing may request a line editing sample.

My initial email quote will sometimes offer you a range of options for my different services. This will help you determine which of my services are a match for your budget.

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Booking Editing Services

If you wish to book my services, I will draft up a letter of agreement that will include an approximate grand total and a set of terms and conditions for our working relationship. Clients are asked to make a 20% non-refundable deposit per project to book services, but manuscripts are not placed into my editing queue until both the signed letter of agreement and deposit are received.

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