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Want to give a unique gift to an author for their birthday or special occasion? Last minute Christmas shopping? Consider a gift certificate for editorial services from Pikko’s House!

Give the Gift of Editing

Stumped on what to give an author friend or relative for their birthday or special occasion? If they are a current client of Pikko’s House, consider giving them a gift certificate for editing services. I offer a variety of editorial services for indie authors including beta reading, developmental editing, line editing, proofreading, ProofCheck, and promotional product design, and a gift certificate can be redeemed for any of these services, including rush fees.

Purchase a gift certificate of your desired amount using the button below and customize it with your details and make that special author in your life happy with a gift that’s both unique and genuinely appreciated!

The Fine Print

Editing is a complicated service, and while I wish I could provide services for every author out there, the fact is that I am not the right editor for everyone. For that reason, gift certificates may only be purchased for:

  • Existing clients of Pikko’s House
  • Individuals who have received a sample edit and pricing proposal from Pikko’s House and expressed interest in working with me after reviewing both

This assures that both your gift recipient and I are happy with the gift being given. Not sure if someone is a client? Email me and I’ll keep it a secret!

If you are eligible to receive a gift certificate based on the stipulations listed above, please feel free to share this page with friends and family or on your wishlists!


A sample of a gift certificate.

A sample of a gift certificate.

Additional Restrictions:

  • These gift certificates are only redeemable with Pikko’s House and cannot be used to purchase merchandise from any other vendor.
  • Gift certificates do not guarantee editing slot availability or provide priority status. Encourage gift recipients to book services in advance.
  • Gift certificates not redeemable for cash.

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