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A more affordable option for listing your books on NetGalley, my co-op has several different rentals for you to choose from.

Got a new book that needs a good head start out the door? Or maybe you have an old book that could use a little bit of review love? Consider joining the Pikko’s House NetGalley Co-Op.

NOTICE: I am currently recruiting for 2018 6- and 12-month slots. Please contact me if you are interested.

What is a NetGalley co-op?

Not sure what a NetGalley co-op is? NetGalley is a book-galley distribution site that allows authors and publishers to find new readers and potential reviewers by listing their books on the site. While NetGalley is often used as a way to distribute ARCs, it is also a good way for people to give their backlist a nice little nudge when it comes to reviews.

NetGalley boasts thousands of members including reviewers, media, librarians, media professionals, and educators, and for this reason, the cost of listing a title on NetGalley is quite high. For that reason, some authors get together and form a co-op, renting out slots and sharing the cost. In my case, I am an editor who provides this co-op service to independent authors and small presses.


How much does it cost?

I currently allow people to rent individual months or take slots of six months or twelve months. Rental costs are:

12-month slot $400 (max 12 titles, 1 per mo)
6-month slot $210 (max 6 titles, 1 per mo)
1 month rental from co-op $40 (max 1 title)

In comparison, NetGalley charges authors $450 to list a single title for six months.

Right now the most common length of time people put titles up for is one month, though some opt for two months. I do not recommend renting more than two months per title.

Additional services can be added on to rentals. (see below)


How does this work?

To start things off, you can either fill out the form below or email me with your book’s title, the month(s) you’re looking to rent, and your country of residence. I will invoice for the rental and put you in my co-op grid.

For each rental, you will need to submit your book’s information and files to me at least two days before the start of the rental, and I will take care of uploading the book. An ISBN13 is REQUIRED for each book. Once the book is live, I will send you a link to the title in NetGalley’s catalog.

How long do I have to wait for reviews?

Reviews come in the form of feedback on NetGalley, which is the reporting system for reviews posted by NetGalley members. Some reviewers will review the book off-site, but do not report it. Others will give feedback on the site, but they do not cross-post the review on sites such as or Goodreads. The more dedicated people will report their feedback and cross-post it off-site.

I have seen book reviews come in for titles in as little as six hours. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I sometimes receive a feedback report on a title that was archived over a month before. Some have even come in a year later. It all depends on your genre and who ends up downloading your book.


Will I be “published” under Pikko’s House?

No. The publisher link will go to the co-op’s page, but will list either your name and press or your name in both author and press spots. I do not make any claim to have published your book and am simply the co-op’s administrator.

Are NetGalley reviewers mean and negative?

In some circles, NetGalley has a reputation for having reviewers who are mean-spirited and negative in general. My response to that is that NetGalley is a site full of serious readers. Putting up a book that fits the category, has a great cover to draw in readers, and has been professionally produced has a good chance of doing well. As for bad apple reviewers: They are not restricted to NetGalley. You’ll find these reviewers anywhere.

As a renter, you have the option of screening your own readers. I recommend this if you have very specific expectations for your potential reviewers.

What is a premium rental?

For an extra $15 per title per month, I will, at the end of the first month, download the data on your book’s distribution and email the people who downloaded your book and give them a gentle nudge to help boost your book’s review ratio. I will also send the report to you and BCC you on the reminder email.

For books that receive high amounts of requests, the fee may be higher, but nothing will be charged without approval.

How Do I Join?

You can join either by filling out the form below, emailing me at, or by joining my Facebook group for the co-op, where I make announcements, run contests, and have general information posted for easy access.

I also maintain a calendar grid located HERE, which you can use to see what is available coming up.

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