Got a new book that needs a good head start out the door? Or an old book that could use a little bit of review love? Consider joining the Pikko’s House NetGalley Co-op.

What is a NetGalley Co-op?

Not sure what a NetGalley Co-op is? NetGalley is a book-galley distribution site that allows authors and publishers to find new readers and potential reviewers by listing their books on the site. While NetGalley is often used as a way to distribute ARCs, it is also a good way for people to give their backlist a nice little nudge when it comes to reviews.

Although NetGalley boasts thousands of members including reviewers, media, librarians, media professionals, and educators, the cost of listing a title on NetGalley is quite high. For that reason, some authors get together and form a co-op, renting out a slot and sharing the cost.

How Much Does It Cost?

I currently allow people to rent individual months or take slots of six months or twelve months. Rental costs are:

12-month slot $350 (max 12 titles, 1 per mo)
6-month slot $185 (max 6 titles, 1 per mo)
1 month rental from co-op $40 (max 1 title)

Right now the most common length of time people put titles up for is 1 month, though some opt for 2.

How Long Do I Have To Wait For Reviews?

Reviews come in the form of feedback on NetGalley, which is the reporting system for reviews posted by NetGalley members. However, there are some reviewers who will review the book off-site, but do not report it. Others will give feedback on the site, but they do not cross-post the review on sites such as or Goodreads.

I have seen book reviews come in for titles in as little as six hours. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I sometimes receive a feedback report on a title that was archived over a month before. It all depends on your genre and who ends up downloading your book.

Will I Be “Published” Under Pikko’s House?

No. The publisher link will go to the co-op’s page, but will list either your name and press or your name in both author and press spots. I do not make any claim to have published your book and am simply the co-op’s administrator.

How Do I Join?

You can join either by emailing me at or by joining my Facebook group for the co-op, where I make announcements, run contests, and have general information posted for easy access.

I also maintain a calendar grid located HERE, which you can use to see what is available coming up.

If you’re not sure you want to rent yet, but would like monthly updates on availability, please sign up for my mailing list here:

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