Among the Monsters by S.H. Livernois

Genre: Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic
Among the Monsters by S.H. Livernois

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In Rebecca’s world, there’s no future. No hope or purpose. Only ghosts and memories and herds of Infected. Until a fellow survivor opens a door to another life, one she could never imagine.

“You’re going to save us all.”

The apocalypse stole everything from Rebecca. Normal life. Her friends and family. Her sense of belonging. Now, she lives with a handful of fellow survivors — mere strangers — eking out a meager, dystopian life behind steel walls.

The only other people on Earth are mutated humans, living like a horde of animals in the wilderness beyond. Some people call them zombies, but the name doesn’t quite fit. These monsters are much more enigmatic and terrifying than that.

Then one day, Rebecca’s life changes when a kindly old woman emerges from the wilderness with amazing yet impossible news: Her little brother and sister survived the plague that destroyed the world.

Three years ago, a mystery epidemic brought humanity to its knees, and the collapse of civilization followed. Her family’s survival through that unspeakable horror never crossed Rebecca’s mind. Will she really see them again? It’s what she’s longed for: a normal life, friendly faces, the comfort of family.

During the harrowing journey that follows, Rebecca uncovers a harsh truth about post-apocalyptic society, its survivors, and the disturbing conspiracy that links them all. Even more surprising is the role she may play in their plans.

Part psychological thriller, part soft horror, with a touch of near-future science fiction and the supernatural, Among the Monsters is a prequel to the novel The Human Wilderness, the first installment of the New America Trilogy.

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