Identity Code: Accessing the Divine Blueprint by Katie Regan

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Identity Code: Accessing the Divine Blueprint by Katie Regan

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In a world of gender confusion, body shaming, Photoshop and the selfie obsession, what’s the truth about identity? Are we a combination of body, soul and spirit? Is what we see in the mirror our identity?

How do we know who we truly are? And more importantly, how do we learn to live freely, as our true selves?

For the past several years, God has been giving Katie Regan a revelation of other people’s true identity, from celebrities, to strangers in a café, to a teacher in her child’s school. Here Katie shares the supernatural experiences of seeing a random stranger’s identity, what it looks like, and how it has personally affected her.

Transcendent love is a by-product of having the revelation of identity. Gain insights about this spirit fruit and catch the impartation!

God cuts to the chase when He says that we are no longer defined by our bodies, in any way. We are no longer Greek or Jew, male or female, slave or free. Rather we are parts of one collective body, the body of Jesus the Messiah. We have access to one unified mind, the mind of Christ. And we can freely join the symphony of Heaven’s song, the vibration of our Lord Jesus. One body. One blood. One family in perfect union. This is who we are.

Zoom out and we can see the bigger picture through the eternal lens of redemption.

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