L'Dopterra 2: Titan Fall

by Timothy E. Jorgensen
Genre: Science Fiction

Ascension by N.J. Tanger

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“We knew it would be amazing. We thought it could be dangerous. We were not prepared.”

It’s been 5 years since L’Dopterra arrived at the new planet, and its larger sister ship, Titan, has arrived to find that something has gone wrong. There is no beacon broadcasting from the planet and the crew of L’Dopterra is not responding.

The powers that be enlist the help of Marcus, an archaeologist who has spent most of his life adventuring through the wastelands back home, and his team to find out what has happened. As the team treks through the unfamiliar and often unfriendly new planet, events will unfold that will alter what they thought they knew about their new home, and possibly bring the new Titan settlement crumbling down.

Marcus must find L’Dopterra, salvage whatever he can, and look for answers, and he needs to do it quickly. Time is running out for the people he left behind.

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