Naked Monk, Part 1: Diligence by Hugo Bernard

Genre: Literary Fiction
Naked Monk, Part 1: Diligence by Hugo Bernard

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In the sacred Buddhist text, the evil god Mara sent his three beautiful daughters to seduce the Buddha. Steady, he resisted their temptation and moments later reached full awakening.

The Naked Monk revisits the themes of sensual pleasure and enlightenment with the story of three men who became monks. Secluded in the forest, the monks’ good intentions inadvertently release a god who has been damned to an existence in the lowest of forms. Liberated, the god gives each monk the perfect virtue of their choice. Is this a gift or a curse? What else does this god have in mind for these ‘foolish’ monks? From temptations to disillusionment the monks spiral into a state of bewilderment. In the nearby village, they seek the wisdom of Lady Be. Can she help the monks discern their rightful path and overcome the ill-tempered god’s destructive forces?

A story of friendship, compassion, and awakening.

***NOTE: This is Part 1 (includes 9 chapters) of a complete novel that will be released in April 2017.

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