Pale Bricks by K.L. Stein

Genre: Dystopian
Pale Bricks by K.L. Stein

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They said it was for our own good. They lied. From the number sewn into her sleeve to the scraps of food in her rations, Simone’s days in the run-down protection camp have been dictated by the harsh, restrictive demands of the Colonel. Unfortunately, Simone doesn’t like following rules. A defiant break from camp brings her face to face with the ivory tower and the festering secrets of their dark history. Faced with a forgotten past, a rippling effect of consequences from her disobedience, and a bleak future of mind-numbing factory work, Simone must decide—how much she is willing to give up for protection? Pale Bricks is a heart-rending novel that lovers of dark, post-apocalyptic dystopia won’t want to miss.

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