Soliloquies of a Situationship

by Nadine Bayonne
Genre: Romance (New Adult)

Ascension by N.J. Tanger

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Soliloquies of a Situationship is about a young twenty-three-year-old girl named Jade who has been recently fired from her job as a junior columnist and leaves for New York City to pursue a degree in creative writing.

Poetry becomes Jade’s outlet as she experiences the big city and finds herself in a situationship with a man that doesn’t love her back. She doesn’t cry about it, instead she pours her heart into her poetry books.

Jade is trying to find herself as a writer and uses her poetry books as a means to temporarily escape.

Her poetry books hold her deepest reflections. Her poetry books hold her soliloquies that only you the reader knows.

This novel is not a love letter or a collection of poetry in a poetry book. Soliloquies of a Situationship is a love story about a girl who is in love with someone who is not in love with her. Jade writes nine beautiful poems about love and self-love through out the novel, as she experiences the feelings of being in a situationship.

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