The Extraordinary Adventures of Normal Norman & The Myhr of Atlantium by Tim Goehle

Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy

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Norman Skylair is a thirteen-year-old normal boy, just trying to enjoy his normal life. He made a lot of plans for the summer prior to entering high school. Unfortunately a secret society, which his family belongs to, decides to change that by sending his parents on a priority mission. Norman is left with his strange uncle on a research vessel in the harbor until an urgent distress call comes from a legendary city.

Within days of arriving at his uncle’s boat, Norman is thrust into a world of fantasy and magic filled with gnomes, dwarves, blood elves and underwater creatures. The normal life he knows all too well dissolves before his unbelieving eyes. In this new fantastic world Normal Norman and his new friends must overcome many trials and tribulations. He continues to find new threats around every corner and a mad man trying to control it all. Join Norman as he fights the forces of darkness…

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