The Plant to Plate Cookbook by Catherine Niggemeier

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The Plant to Plate Cookbook by Catherine Niggemeier

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When Catherine, at age 46, tired of her cycle of never-ending dieting, decided to take a different approach to losing weight, she quickly realized that her new whole food, plant-based lifestyle was the key to long-term good health. She dropped 80 pounds, gained incredible energy, and found herself showered with compliments about how she was glowing and looking younger than ever before. Her life took a turn when a friend told her that she needed to teach people how to eat this way. She became certified in plant-based nutrition and became the founder of Plant to Plate Education.

As a passionate health and wellness coach, she focuses on public speaking, employee-wellness programs, and cooking events with the message of encouraging others to eat more plants at every meal. Each and every day she feels blessed that she is able to share her message of plant positivity with so many. The Plant to Plate Cookbook is filled with inspiration for overall good health and easy recipes to get the reader started on their plant-based journey.

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