The Plucker by D.K. Cassidy

Genre: Magical Realism
The Plucker by D.K. Cassidy

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Pria is a young woman obsessed with two things: plucking anything and everything in her path, and George, her childhood friend.

As a young girl, Pria stood out for her otherness. The only brown child in her school, she withdrew into her own world. Now as an adult she tries to normalize her life by coming to terms with her differences. To do this, she must find George. He was her first living obsession, and now she needs to find him to understand why she can’t stop thinking about him.

Plagued by her need to pluck continuously, Pria feels trapped in a world of compulsions: the compulsion to follow her rigid daily schedule, the need to collect the miraculous strings growing out of her thin arms, and the love of visiting her avian friends every Wednesday. Will finding George give Pria the peace she seeks?

Or will she retreat further into the depths of her obsession with plucking?

In The Plucker, best-selling author D.K. Cassidy continues the story of characters who first appeared in Spilt Milk: A Collection of Stories.

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