The Shapeshifter Chronicles by The Future Chronicles

Genre: Speculative Fiction
The Shapeshifter Chronicles by The Future Chronicles

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Shapeshifters. Beings with the ability to change their physical form or manifestation. From legendary humans who transform under the light of a full moon, to the horrific mimicry of The Thing, to the mimetic metal of The Terminator‘s T-1000 Terminator, such embody the mystery of the unknown.

In this volume of the acclaimed Future Chronicles anthology series, eleven authors weave stories around such entities – both fantastical and technological – exploring our fascination with the shapeshifter.

The Shapeshifter Chronicles features stories by Hugo and Nebula Award winner Ken Liu, Aurora Award winner Julie E. Czerneda, USA Today bestselling authors Anthea Sharp, K. J. Colt, and Alexia Purdy, plus several more of today’s most visionary authors in fantasy and speculative fiction.

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