Winter Nova Saves The World by E.A. Cattani

Genre: Middle-Grade Science Fiction
Winter Nova Saves The World by E.A. Cattani

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Something strange lurks under the waters of the Puget Sound The night Griffin Penrose and his middle school basketball team are eliminated from the Washington State basketball championships, he thinks his world is over… little does he know, it just might be! When Griffin and a group of friends run into three raven-haired sisters from their rival school’s cheerleading squad on the docks of Lake Washington, he knows something is definitely amiss.

There is more to these girls than flashy pompoms and adversarial school cheers—a fact Griffin and his friends learn far too late when the sisters call forth an army of subaquatic soldiers from under the dark, cold waters of Lake Washington. Barely escaping with his life, Griffin soon discovers no one will believe his fantastical tale of the nefarious race of sea creatures trying to end his existence.

No one except for the peculiar new girl at school with the bright pink hair and determined stare who goes by the name Winter Nova—a girl with unbelievable secrets of her own. And whether Griffin likes it or not, Winter is his best and only chance of surviving the evil sisters who are bent on his destruction. Follow Winter Nova and Griffin Penrose as they go on a dangerous adventure to uncover what is happening under the waters of the Puget Sound only to find themselves all alone against the sinister forces conspiring to destroy the world!

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