If your book is almost ready for publication but needs a fresh pair of eyes to spot the little things, let us help you with the final stages of polishing your manuscript.

Proofreading vs Editing

Have you ever been reading a book when you spot a tiny little error? Maybe the sentence is missing an ‘a’ or has an ‘it’ when it should be an ‘if.’ That’s what a proofreader must be able to spot–the little things that editors miss when focusing on bigger issues such as style, sentence structure, flow, and dialogue.

A proofreading is not something that should be done instead of editing. A manuscript that is submitted for proofreading should already have gone through an editor, ideally more than once. It is the final stage before publication, and sometimes it may be best to go through more than one round of proofreading.

Please note that proofreading will not be done in lieu of editing. While each author’s skill level is unique, most manuscripts that have not been professionally edited will not be accepted for this service. 

Proofreaders At Pikko’s House

Since editing is my primary focus, and it is not recommended that I proofread manuscripts that I edit, I no longer proofread fiction. I have two assistants who handle this task, which enables me to provide both editing and proofreading services while ensuring a fresh set of eyes for both services.

My assistants are:

Carla Pinilla – While Carla is a scientist first, holding a Master’s Degree in Polymer Science, she possesses a pair of eagle eyes that enables her to catch the little things. I’ve known Carla since 2012, and we have worked together on a daily basis almost since the day we met in The Hunger Games fandom.

Cheryl Torricer – Always among the first to sign up for ARCs on my mailing list, Cheryl quickly earned a reputation among my clients for her sharp eyes. I’ve known her my entire life, and am delighted to finally be working with her.

Proofreading Services

Proofreading services cover misspelled words, incorrect words, punctuation errors, grammar errors, and formatting issues.

Standard Proofreading Starting at $0.004 per word, our Standard Proofreading service includes one pass.

Premium Proofreading – Starting at $0.007 per word, our Premium Proofreading service includes two passes by two separate people.

Non-Fiction Proofing – While I do not do proofreading for works of fiction, I do accept projects for proofing such as catalogs, brochures, newsletters, emails, and other promotional materials. My hourly rate for proofing services is $25 per hour, with a minimum charge of $10. Proofing can be done via email or through ProofHQ.

What Is Provided With Proofreading

Should you hire us to proofread your manuscript, we will provide you with the following:

  • Word document with Track Changes on OR
  • List of errors with recommended corrections.

It is highly recommended that you turn in a complete manuscript for proofreading, including things such as front matter, dedications, introductions, notes, prologues, indexes, glossaries, appendixes, thank yous, and acknowledgements.

Types of manuscripts accepted for proofreading:

  • Short stories
  • Novellettes
  • Novellas
  • Novels

We currently have immediate availability for proofreading projects.

Ready to get started?

If you’ve read through this service page and are ready to see if we’d be a great fit together, please feel free to request a quote!

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Proofreading starts at $0.004 per word with a minimum of $10 per project.

Quick Overview

Here’s the short version of what our proofreading service includes:


Misspelled words

Sometimes it’s so easy to slip and spell something wrong, like vacuum or broccoli or accommodate. We’ll help you fix them!


Incorrect words

We’ll help you spot incorrect usages such as an ‘if’ instead of an ‘it’ or a ‘they’ instead of a ‘them.’


Punctuation errors

Including but not limited to: missing commas, periods, or quotation marks.


Grammar errors

Grammar errors that only need simple fixes will be noted.


Formatting issues

Using a special character or symbol? We’ll let you know if it shows up as gibberish on our end.

Not Included

Our proofreading services do not include the following:


Editing suggestions




Plot/continuity errors

Should you be interested in any of these services, please review my Developmental and Line Editing services.

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