SimpleMarkup #34 – The Typo Judge

Aloha, and welcome to May! I just launched the May Book Lovers Box yesterday, and I’m still pooped (and it’s why I’m late posting this today), but hopefully people are enjoying it. If you’re not quite sure what the box is, why don’t you sign up? You get access to the first two boxes as soon as you do. Nothing like taking a looksie to see what something’s all about, right? I have three-panel SimpleMarkups in each box, so if you love my comics, that’s just another reason to sign up.

This week, Edie meets that dreaded person we all know is out there. The one who delights in implying that they’re better at our entire job because of one little mistake we made: the Typo Judge.

Ah, yes, the person who has no idea that maybe there were another, oh, 5,000+ other edits you had to focus on. That you caught several hundred other typos that the author—who is only tired, blind to their errors, and human—made.

If you spot a little error, don’t be this person. There’s always a nice way to notify someone of an error. Certainly don’t do this to a family member who is already struggling to get everyone to accept that working from home (or being an author) can be a decent living.

What about you? Have you ever met the Typo Judge?

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