Fancy Pants Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Three years ago, I made No-Fail Chocolate Covered Strawberries using candy melts. While I was thrilled about the fact that I could make them so easily, I eventually discovered something kind of gross. Candy Melts aren’t actually made out of chocolate. They just taste like chocolate.

Actually, they taste like fake chocolate. So, fast forward to 2014 and I’ve let some of my chocolate fears go and managed to make some pretty snazzy looking berries.

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Mini Andagi

Today I was trying to test out a recipe with sweet potato and andagi batter, but when that failed miserably, I figured I could use the rest of the batter to make some mini andagi.

Andagi, which are also known as Okinawan donuts, are deep fried balls of deliciousness that are frequently sold at carnivals and obon festivals here in Hawaii. I found a recipe on the Star Advertiser site, but because of my last experience making malasadas (I found out after I made the dough that it was for 7 dozen malasadas) I decided to cut it down by a lot.

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Grocery Grumbling: Creamed Honey

It’s a well-established part of my life that when I’m going out with a specific list of ingredients, something on that list will either be too exotic for the store I’m at or completely sold out on that day.

One time I needed butterscotch topping to try a butterbeer recipe and at the first grocery store, they just didn’t seem to carry any. Then I went to Safeway and stood in shock as I looked at the shelf of caramel toppings with one very empty row with a butterscotch tag underneath. Once I needed cilantro for guac and the store was out. Another time it was daikon.

This happened to me again on Superbowl Sunday.

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Baby Girl Cooks Spaghetti and Meatballs

With my son playing two sports and us going to so many games, it’s become tough to find something for my daughter to do, especially since she inherited my tendency to be allergic to playing sports.

A lot of hobbies and activities for creative girls seem to costs arms and legs. $20 an hour for sewing lessons? $95 for a single jewelry class? Ugh.

I want to sign her up for aikido like I used to take, but overlap with dance is making that not worth the much more reasonable $30/month fee. I think I’ll look up drawing classes, too.

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Thanksgiving Prep – T Day

It’s Thanksgiving and thanks to all of my prep, despite the fact that I kept falling behind, I seem to be very nicely on schedule today. Boy was I scrambling to play catch up.

On Tuesday I had to catch up with Monday’s tasks, so I baked the cheesecake. I also had to finish my Blurb planner, write my Thanksgiving bento post, bake the potatoes, refrigerate the skin, and make a pumpkin pie. I might cancel the pumpkin pie since lots of times people show up with pumpkin pies and we end up with like 3 or 4.

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