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Crystal Watanabe is one of my go-to editors for my short story anthology series, The Future Chronicles. As editor, her name headlines a number of titles that have all gone on to #1 bestseller status. She’s an accomplished professional and brings a broad set of skills to the game. As long as people keep reading my books, and as long as I keep putting them out, I’m keeping Crystal on speed dial.

Samuel Peralta
Series Editor, The Future Chronicles

It was a real pleasure to work with Crystal on The Tracker. She offered incredibly keen insights into the storyline, helped to sharpen and shape my characters, and cleaned up my mess of words to make them presentable to the masses. She is a pro in every way. The book is light years better because of her special touch!

Chad Zunker
Author, The Tracker

After four editors in five books, I finally got lucky and contacted Crystal. What a find! She brings it all: a sharp eye for plot development, spotting inconsistencies, grammar, and creative assistance to help an author polish his work. Good writing requires a good team and I’m delighted to have Crystal on mine. She’s a busy professional, so if you want the best, you might want to contact her now for your next book.

Scott Matthews
Author, The Adam Drake Series

Crystal was a delight to work with. Great communication from the beginning of the project to its completion, regular updates, she consistently met all deadlines and turned in top-notch work. She provided excellent line edits and proofreading that improved my novel in significant ways. Her thoughtful story notes elevated the final draft of the novel. I have no reservations recommending Crystal. She’s a true professional. Also, she can fly.

Nathan Beauchamp (N.J. Tanger)
Author, The Universe Eventual Series

Crystal did a great job on a beta read for me. I got a much better sense of the overall arc of my plot and pacing from her.  A bonus is that she will follow up and answer any questions you might have. She’ll help you elevate your manuscript to a higher level. My book has hit the best-seller list on Amazon in its first month out. It was definitely worth the investment to hire her.

David Nees
Author, After the Fall

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I loved the positive energy Crystal brought to our communication. I always felt like I was talking to a person who was invested in my concerns, and someone whose opinion I could value.

The edits were spot on, from the grammar to the inconsistencies to the occasional flat out “this doesn’t make sense.” I really valued the dialogue we had about my concerns about the story. I also appreciated how laid back and loose I could be with our interactions. When it came down to business, Crystal was the utmost professional, but she also just let me be who I am when we talked. Since I’m not necessarily writing for the money, I want to be able to enjoy every aspect of this whole publishing process, and I can honestly say that I enjoyed every bit of this editing process.

I’m a happy customer and I’ll be back with future projects!

Ernie Luis

Author, Backwards

I 10,000% recommend Pikko’s House for beta reading purposes. Crystal has been fantastic, and her feedback is spot on!

Shylah Addante


Crystal Watanabe is a safety pin in the manuscript grenade that threatens to explode.  She puts the A in awesome when it comes to fine-tuning your written words. Her sample edit gave me the immediate confidence that my work was in good hands. I felt her enthusiasm and professionalism by the feedback she gave to help strengthen my prose.  Great writers have secrets; they have fabulous editors lurking in the shadows. Crystal is one of those editors. Don’t hesitate if you’re able to acquire her services.

J.M. Lominy

Author, The Fatal Rose

Working with Crystal was a great experience. She has the rare ability to make my prose better, my jokes funnier, and my characters stronger. She has the even rarer ability to do so gently. On top of all that, she’s also just a bunch of fun.

Austin J. Bailey

Author, The Magemother Trilogy

From Hugh Howey
New York Times best-selling author of Wool

Hugh Howey, Author of Wool

Crystal is a joy to work with. She is thorough and gently opinionated, as an editor ought to be. She always makes me sound more intelligent and gifted as a writer.

Erik Wecks

Author, New Sun Rising

Her work was outstanding. She saw problems I did not see and provided fixes that made sense in context. Her observations were insightful. She worked quickly and with great attention to detail. I will be back.

Lindsay Edmunds

Author, New Sun Rising

For those of us who are heavy on creativity but weak in organization, Crystal’s system is a godsend. There is a certain security experienced in knowing that you’re teamed up with someone who has the process down, and that confidence alone is worth the money. Add in actionable, concrete advice for improving content, straightforward line editing, and Crystal’s openness for follow-up questions… Well, not sure what more you can ask for. I was able to focus all my energy on the work itself rather than stress over the details.

Brendan Quinn

Author, Madhouse

Crystal is extremely detail-oriented in regards to both prose and storytelling, and she offered many helpful suggestions that let me view my characters and story world from new angles. She’s also honest about problems that need fixing, which I think is an invaluable quality in an editor, who is, at the end of the day, also a collaborator. And Crystal is an essential collaborator: reliable, knowledgeable, and personable too. She cares about what she does, and it shows.

Joshua Ingle

Author, Liza's Clones

Crystal is one of sharpest editors I’ve had the privilege to work with. Whether you’re looking for help with the broad arcs of a story or really need someone to get down into the nitty-gritty, she’ll work wonders on your text.

Galen Surlak-Ramsey

Author, Little Computer People

Pikko’s House editing can raise anyone’s writing game to the next level.

RK Syrus

Author, Sienna McKnight

Always professional and patient. I have loved every aspect of working with Crystal and am highly satisfied by the end result. I intend to utilize her service again for future products, of that I’m sure.

J. Singh

Author, Fracture Point

We so enjoyed working with Crystal on our book.  Crystal is a real professional–she did our editing right on time and her suggestions for improvements were great.  This was our first book and we learned a great deal about the process of editing and self-publishing from Crystal.   We find her to be very adaptable to each style of writing.  She was easy to contact and was very quick to respond.  She is a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend her.

Nan Brown & Lil Bogdan

Authors, Nurse Your Skin to Health

Crystal Watanabe is one of my go-to editors for my short story anthology series, The Future Chronicles. As editor, her name headlines a number of titles that have all gone on to #1 bestseller status. It’s great recognition, but it isn’t an easy job. Along with everything else you expect from a good editor — an ear for dialogue, an eye for errors, a sense for plot lines and character development — each anthology consists of about a dozen authors with different styles, different voices, different needs. You have to be a confidante, a mentor, a diplomat. And then you have to deal with me, one of the most exacting people on the planet, with my obsession with quality and a pace of publication that can be terrifying. Through all this, Crystal has shone. She’s an accomplished professional and brings a broad set of skills to the game. As long as people keep reading my books, and as long as I keep putting them out, I’m keeping Crystal on speed dial.

Samuel Peralta

Series Editor, The Future Chronicles

I couldn’t begin to describe what a pleasurable experience it was working with Crystal. She was given a monumental task and responded with crisp, timely service and phenomenal feedback. Will most assuredly use again.

Bob Williams

Author, The Low Lying Lands Saga

Crystal is an incredible editor. She helped me refine my writer’s voice without changing the mood and style I wanted to convey. Her comments throughout my manuscript were helpful and insightful. Crystal has an eye for the elements of a good story and offers solutions and suggestions that are always spot on. I will continue to use her as my editor for as long as she’ll have me as a client.

D.K. Cassidy

Author, The Plucker

Working with Crystal was a delight. She is professional, respectful, and detail oriented. I am especially grateful for Crystal’s editing on my book, The Fat Bitch Diet, where her valuable suggestions impacted not only the narrative but also the outcome of the story itself. I am excited to work with Crystal again.

A.R. Khan

Author, The Fat Bitch Diet

My experience working with Crystal as my editor was amazing. She’s professional, timely, and knows her stuff. I had the opportunity to work with her twice on two separate short stories. Each time she soared above and beyond my expectations by responding to my emails and answering my questions quickly, swiftly slipping me into her busy schedule, and completing the edits super fast. I’d definitely work with her again in the future, and I highly recommend her services.

L.L. Sanders

Author, What's Done in the Dark

Crystal is awesome to work with when you are writing your novel. She has an eye for detail like no other in the business and she will make sure everything is correct so your novel can be published at a professional level. I found Crystal’s suggestions to be very understandable and clear. With her help, she made my novel a great deal better. I look forward to working with Crystal in the future.

Charles Eugene Anderson

Author, Auxiliary Hero Corps

I work with the philosophy that the reader is right. Not everything I write—not every word, phrase, or reference—makes the journey to the reader in the first draft, a test being that if I need to explain or justify my clause, then I have failed.

As a teller of tales, my task is to convey a story in the clearest possible way, and Crystal Watanabe is an excellent partner in reaching that goal. Her technical prowess alone is a benefit to any manuscript, correcting the commas or those pesky sound alike words the word processors never catch.

What I find surpasses her technical skill is her ability to ‘be the audience,’ the beta-reader, my litmus test for what works and what simply does not. Too many hours tapping keys in a void creates a world that is not always clear. Crystal brought polish to my work to ensure that I not only meant what I wrote, but that I wrote what I meant, and that I did so in a way that my intended audience would understand and enjoy. She did not alter my work, instead she asked questions, suggested phrasing, and offered alternative words more appropriate to my target audience, all while treating my work with the greatest respect.

She communicates easily and openly, pairs professionalism with a quirky frankness, and brings enthusiasm along with criticism. She is a true author’s friend.

I initially asked Crystal to leverage her skills to assist me in improving flow, clarity, and pacing, moving toward as polished and professional a work as possible. She has succeeded on multiple projects and I greatly anticipate working with her in the future.

Daniel Arthur Smith

Author, Hugh Howey Lives

I’d like to use this opportunity to thank Ms. Crystal Watanabe for the precious help received during the work on my science fiction novel. As a new writer, and one whose first language is not English, I was facing obstacles that seemed insurmountable. Yet I had a story waiting to be told.

With a few chapters written, I went in search for an editor. Little did I know how much work would be involved in editing and revising a book. Based on the limited work I had presented her, Crystal decided to take me on as a customer, and with infinite patience, attention to detail, constructive criticism, and words of encouragement, she brought the work to a higher level, performing substantial editing, ensuring that everything makes sense, also correcting my grammar, and guiding my pen in describing the world, building the characters and refining the plot line.

At first, I thought she would quit, after seeing the huge amount of corrections and side notes she made. Strangely enough, she didn’t give up on me, and I, on the other hand, after getting over my “shame” of being criticized, I came to understand that she was my one friend in the world who could be a true mirror in which my work would be reflected in true colors.

To make a long story short, after a few rounds of revisions, my work in progress became a novella, and I got the courage to write more details while simplifying the plot, and I ended up with a whole novel plus material for a second novel in what became a new series.

None of this would have been possible without Crystal, who believed in me and worked alongside me with professionalism, dedication, excellent understanding of the genre in which I was learning to write, great patience, and with optimism. As I write this, my book is very close to being ready to be published.

If she made that possible with somebody like me, there is no doubt in my mind she would be a true and definite asset to anyone else following in my steps. Thank you, Crystal, my partner in writing, for everything! Stay tuned for the second book!

Anne Gabriels

Author, Elysian Fields

Pikko’s House has a broad range of editing services provided with professional aplomb. Crystal is precise and responsive, and a pleasure to work with even when juggling dozens upon dozens of projects. For me, as an independent science fiction author, editing and proofreading is essential to producing a high quality story. I think of it as polishing a diamond—it’s important if you want your book to shine.

Peter Cawdron

Author, Alien Space Tentacle Porn

I highly recommend the editing services of Crystal Watanabe. Working with her has been a great experience for this first time author. Her communication was top-notch, her e-mails were always timely and her attitude was always positive.

Her patience and guidance made the whole experience a lot less stressful, and for that I am eternally grateful. If you are looking for an editor, do not hesitate to contact Crystal today!

Brandon Waggle

Author, The Gems of Time

My website was bringing me no business. I hired a marketing consultant, Sea Chapman, to change it, and she devised a new one. But I needed a web designer to implement Sea’s changes. Crystal gave me an estimate, and we agreed on a deadline. She finished the work a week before the deadline. It was impeccable. Even her invoicing method made it simple—just a click of a button linked to my PayPal account. I am so grateful that I found her! Thank you, Crystal!

Karin Cather

Editor, Karin Cather Editorial Services

Crystal is a pleasure to work with.  From start to finish I felt comfortable handing “my baby” over to her care.  She offers several different editing options with different price points, and it was easy to pinpoint which service fit my needs.  Her editing style is clean, graceful, and doesn’t squash the author’s voice, but rather erases the clutter so the work can really shine.  I look forward to working with Crystal on future projects and recommend her as an excellent addition to any author’s team.

Katie Regan

Author, The Identity Code

Crystal edited my short story Inside, Dark. What I liked is that she took her time over it and got to the root of the character development issues I had been grappling with. She also had some very creative suggestions that helped boost the overall impact of the story. I think I’ve finally found the development partner I’ve been looking for all these years.

Laxmi Hariharan

Author, The Many Lives of Ruby Iyer

Crystal is the third editor that I’ve worked with.  I can honestly say that the experience was excellent.  Her edits were quick, accurate, and almost always on point.

I believe a writer’s greatest asset is their voice, especially when it comes to fiction.  Crystal understands voice and works hard to keep the author’s writing style unique. She was an absolute Godsend on my novel, Mountain Son.

L.C. Graves

Author, Mountain Son

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