Beta Reading

Beta readers can be tough to find. Let me help you by giving you the objective opinion you’re looking for.

Defining Beta Readers

Whether you’re an avid reader or an author, you’ve probably heard the term ‘beta reader’ before. But what exactly is a beta reader and why should you have some? (Yeah, you read that right, you need several.)

A beta reader can be compared to beta testers, a term used in software or game development. These testers get early access to a “beta version” of the end-product and take it for a spin, trying it out to see how it works and find bugs for the programmers to fix before it is widely distributed to the public. This means that your beta readers will read your book ahead of publication and give you an opinion of the work, preferably one that’s objective and unbiased.

This is your chance to gauge whether your book will soar like an eagle or go splat on the ground, leaving an unsightly mess in imaginary e-bookstore aisles.

Where To Find Beta Readers

Relevant forum communities are a good place to look. You can also ask friends, family, and fellow authors to beta read for you. You can recruit beta readers on social media platforms or ask your fans if they’re interested. Beta readers are most commonly free.

In short, beta readers can be found everywhere, but perhaps a better question is: where do you find good beta readers? No author wants to send their book out to betas and get back feedback like, “Yeah, it was good.” or “Didn’t like.” I can provide you with extensive feedback on your manuscript with my beta reading service.

Why I Charge For Beta Reading

If beta readers are usually free, then you’re probably wondering why you should bother paying someone like me to beta read your manuscript. It’s probably more accurate to say that I offer an early review than a beta read. And while some authors are able to find good, reliable beta readers for free, some find themselves with an entire group of betas who don’t follow through.

My work hours are reserved for editing work, making beta reading something I do during my free time. If I don’t have a monetary obligation to beta read, it tends to fall off my list of things to do, getting lost among other tasks I also do for free such as laundry for a family of five, cooking, and this really fun thing called sleeping.

What I Provide With Beta Reading

Should you hire me to beta read your manuscript, I will provide you with the following:

  • Readability of your manuscript. In other words, how quickly did I read, how much did I enjoy it, where did it drag?
  • Reader’s opinion. As a reader, what did I think of your plot, your characters, and your writing style?
  • Positives and negatives. What about your book did I love or hate?
  • Questions. As a reader, what questions do I have about the story? It’s up to you to decide whether this is what you want readers to be asking themselves when reading.
  • Editorial evaluation. What do I, as an editor, think your manuscript needs in the way of further editorial services?
  • Email discussion of your manuscript. Limited to broad question and answer format.

Feedback will be provided in the form of an editorial letter (PDF). You are welcome to submit a list of questions as a guide.

Types of manuscripts accepted for beta reading:

  • Short stories
  • Novellettes
  • Novellas
  • Novels

Unfortunately, I do not beta read non-fiction at this time.

Please note that with my current schedule, I tend to be more selective about beta reading projects that I accept. If you are seeking immediate feedback, I am most likely not the best fit for you as a beta reader.

Ready to get started?

If you’ve read through my services page and are ready to see if we’d be a great fit together, please feel free to request a quote!

Curious about my booking process? Watch the video below.

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Beta reading starts at $2.25 per 1,000 words or $0.0025 per word with a minimum of $15 per project.

Quick Overview

Here’s the short version of what my beta reading service includes:


Overall opinion

Did I like it? Was it boring? Would I buy it? Will it breed fangirls? This is my reader’s opinion.


I will give my opinion on your story’s plot, writing, and characters.



I will give you a brief editorial recommendation for the manuscript.


Email discussion

Question and answer discussion about any additional aspects of the book you want feedback on.

Not Included

My beta reading service does not include the following:


Editing suggestions


Spotting typos/missing words


Punctuation corrections

Should you be interested in any of these services, please review my Proofreading and Line Editing services.
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