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What is a digital subscription box?

Okay, so that thing above is an actual subscription box.

But the thing about real subscription boxes is, while they’re fun to receive, they sound like a serious pain in the behind to manage. You have to find products, arrange for them to get to you, figure out who stuffs the boxes, arrange distribution, handle payments.

No, thank you. I’ve got a billion other things to do and millions of words to artfully rearrange.

So instead of a physical box, you can now sign up to get a digital box of fun things. Ebooks, coupons, tips, comics, that sort of thing. It’s still got that bit of a mystery surrounding it that’s so attractive in subscription boxes but without any of the physical downsides, such as the accumulation of too much stuff.


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Past Boxes

The Book Lovers Box has just launched, and you get access to the first box and the current box just by signing up.

June 2018

Included: modern Greek mythology ARC giveaway, two-book fantasy paperback giveaway, free children’s Greek mythology book, free dragon novel, free Celtic mythology novel, free Norse fantasy novel, 99-cent Norse fantasy romance, free Celtic mythology story, free fantasy novel.

May 2018

Included: fantasy novel giveaway, middle-grade fantasy ARC (limited), middle-grade fantasy paperback giveaway, cyberpunk ARC (limited), 99c middle-grade novel, free YA urban fantasy novella, free middle-grade fantasy novel (limited), supernatural thriller ARC (limited), three-book set of series starters, permafree sci-fi novella

April 2018

Included: free romance novel (limited), permafree urban fantasy novel, jigsaw puzzle + 99c sale book, permafree new adult novel

Pikko's House Digital Subscription Box

What's in the box?

Psst! Plug in your name and email address and get access to my digital subscription box, full of fun things like free ebooks, editing/writing tips, Pikko's House updates, business tips, exclusive service coupons, and more.

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