Some rules for Editors Foundry members to remember.

Basic Foundry Details

The Editors Foundry was founded in June 2021 and is located exclusively in Slack.

Weekly topics will be posted in the channel topic of #officehours. Crystal will hold two sessions of open office hours per week pertaining to the weekly topic (ranging from thirty minutes to one hour), during which time members can tag Crystal and ask questions pertaining to the topic. Topic discussions that continue without Crystal’s participation are encouraged but not required.

Office hour days and times will vary from week to week. Crystal is located in Honolulu, Hawaii, which means office hours will begin no earlier than 9 a.m. Hawaii–Aleutian Time. This can vary from 5-6 hours behind Eastern time and 2-3 hours behind Pacific time, depending on Daylight Savings.

Channel list and descriptions:

  • #welcome – This is where new members are automatically taken upon joining. Please give newbies a warm welcome!
  • #chitchat – For off-topic discussions. Share pet photos, talk about what’s for lunch, your favorite drinks, and more.
  • #clientcircle – Got a client situation? Use this channel to vent or ask for advice.
  • #marketing – For discussions on various ways to market your business.
  • #networking – Discuss various networking methods, venues, styles, and more.
  • #officehours – For weekly Foundry topic discussions.
  • #queries – Got an editing question for something you’re working on? Post it here!
  • #teambuilding – Getting a team started for your business? This channel is for questions relating to how one deals with subcontractors.
  • #website – For discussion regarding business websites.

Community Rules

A strong community relies on rules to keep its foundation solid, and this one, though new, is no exception. Here are the full rules for the Editors Foundry.

1. Maintain a Safe Space

Trust is an important aspect of a community. Respect the privacy of other members. Do not screenshot or discuss details of conversations held in the Foundry Slack with non-Foundry members.

2. Withhold Judgment

One of the biggest reasons the Foundry was created was so that aspiring or starting editors could ask questions without fear of judgment from their peers. Remember to be a supportive member of the group. 

3. Be Nice

Treat fellow Foundry members with respect. If you get into a heated discussion with another member, consider walking away to cool down for a bit before returning to the discussion.

4. No Unsolicited Promotion or Spam

Referrals to paid services or products outside of Pikko’s House are allowed in general, but only when requested by another member. Do not spam channels with referral links.

5. No Refunds for Rule Breakers

Consistently problematic rule-breaking members with complaints lodged against them can be banned from the Slack. No refund will be issued.

6. No Politics

While it’s understandable that people are passionate about politics around the world, there are thousands of spaces available for this. Please keep politics out of the Foundry unless it relates to a work-related query.

7. Respect Crystal’s Time

The Foundry was created by Crystal, who runs a team of twenty and has three children and therefore greatly values her time. Should you wish to hold a private discussion regarding your business, please book a consultation rather than sending a Slack direct message (DM) to ask for business advice.


Do not harass other members, whether in channels or via direct messages. Members found to be harassing other members will typically be given one warning, and if harassment continues, the offending member may be banned from the Slack.

9. Thread Triggering Content

When working with fiction or creative nonfiction, sometimes an editor may have a question involving triggering content including but not limited to abuse, torture, graphic violence, and gore. If you think your content may be triggering to other members, please start your discussion with a vague description and a trigger warning, then proceed with the rest of the details in a threaded Slack discussion. 

To do this, mouse over your initial message and hit the chat icon for “Reply in thread.” Do not select the option to also send the message to the channel.

Foundry Guidelines

Member Dispute

Should you have a concern about something another member says, whether in channel or via DM, please contact Crystal privately via DM.

Scheduling Add-on Services

Should you wish to schedule an add-on service with Crystal, please send her a DM with details. Fees for add-on services will be billed upon completion and are due within seven days.

Additional Services

Interested in a more personalized discussion? DM Crystal to schedule a private consultation.

Available services:

  • General business consultation  via phone or Zoom ($80/hour, one-hour minimum for initial consult, thirty-minute minimum for subsequent consults)
  • Website evaluation ($50 per report, includes one follow-up)
  • Service evaluation ($50 per report, includes one follow-up)

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