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  • 2014


This is a science fiction story of the world gone wrong that will capture your imagination and stay with you long after you finish it. It is a story of a future that could become reality, if we are not vigilant.

Elysian Fields was built after the Great Quakes on the outskirts of a former metropolis. The Elysians would have expanded the city further, but they were blocked by the fog. Venturing too far into the mist resulted in uncontrollable panic, and thus, all who tried failed and had to return.

The people of Elysian Fields liked to keep order in their city, so that everyone knew their place in the society. Four distinct classes had emerged to supply that order: Elites, Professionals, Servers, and Scrappies.

Allan was an Elite. At nineteen, his body was in perfect shape due to his lifestyle and regular nanobot treatments. One night, his world is suddenly shattered by dramatic events that force him to fight for his right to life. And, worse yet, somebody or something else has already taken his place and identity.

Jules was a Scrappie, a runaway Server, trying to stay below the radar of the city authorities. In a heartbeat she risks extermination to help him.

Unusual alliances are formed, and disturbing revelations about their own past will change their lives forever.

Unlikely heroes, they become part of an unusual force, willing to die for freedom and justice against the unknown foes of their city world.

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