Ebooks are quick and easy to sell, but if you still want print copies, I can help you design the interior pages.

Defining Book Interior Design

When you open a copy of a real book, have you ever noticed the little details put into the pages you’re turning? The chapter headings, the page numbers, the spacing between lines, the fonts. All of these things are easily taken for granted, but they are all part of a book’s interior design, also known as print formatting. 

Sure, you can simply set the margins on Word and upload a file, but how will it look when you open that first copy of your book? I can help you ensure that your book’s design is a fitting reflection of the care you’ve put into the words telling your story.

What’s Included

Book designs by Pikko’s House are created using Adobe InDesign CC and delivered in PDF format. Minimal design elements such as icons, drawings, brushes, and imagery are included with the fee and are purchased with standard usage licenses. Clients who intend to print and distribute a significant number of copies should inquire about usage rights.

This service includes the following:

  • Chapter heading design of your choice
  • PDF preview of sample chapter heading
  • PDF proof containing front matter, manuscript, and back matter
  • Two style changes (this does not include fixing errors)
  • Three image insertions

Types of manuscripts accepted for book interior design:

  • Short stories
  • Novellettes
  • Novellas
  • Novels

Please note that I do not offer this service for nonfiction manuscripts. Referrals to other formatters can be provided upon request.


Pricing for this service starts at $0.001 per word. This service is primarily performed on the weekend, so slots are limited. All projects will have a minimum fee of $40 regardless of word count.

Factors that will increase the cost: images, multiple fonts used, footnotes, incorrect formatting, and/or complicated layouts.

Should you require the book to feature a font not already in my library, you must either provide a properly licensed font to me or cover the fee for me to purchase a license on your behalf.

Book Interior Design Delivery

Should you hire me to design your book’s interior, I will provide you with the following:

  • A full PDF proof file of your submitted manuscript, applicable images, and relevant front and back matter.
  • A final PDF file of your submitted manuscript, applicable images, and relevant front and back matter, to be sent after payment and file approval.

Pikko’s House does not upload book files to Amazon or other online retail outlets. Referrals to author assistants can be provided upon request.

Base Estimate

Quick Overview

Here’s the short version of what my book interior design service includes:

Print-Ready File

A PDF copy of the final design and format of your book.

Chapter Design

Get a classic or custom design for your chapter header pages.

Formatted Text

Text styles in uniform sizes and fonts to ensure a clean reading experience.

Drop Caps

Give an optional added flair to the start of your chapters.

Basic Images

Up to three basic image insertions, such as your author photo or a map.

Ready to Get Started?

Whether you're confident that I'm the right person to trust with your book or you have additional questions, contact me to discuss your project needs.

Ready to Get Started?

Whether you're confident that I'm the right person to trust with your book or you have additional questions, contact me to discuss your project needs.

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