New Praetorians, Book 1

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Sienna McKnight is a West Point graduate. From the moment of her shocking birth at military hospital she has carried a dark secret, and a yearning for vengeance.

In New Praetorians 1 she undergoes a fantastic transformation and learns truths she never dreamed of.

A YEAR AGO Sienna McKnight, fresh out of West Point Military Academy, led her Special Ops team through a frozen hell at the bottom of the world to bring back something they wanted.

TODAY, March 19, she is on her way back to the Gulf of Oman and its hostile shores to challenge her own destiny.
TOMORROW, March 20, Sienna will fall. She will rise again. She will be reborn. She will become the heroine no one expected.

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The design for Sienna McKnight included a map (provided by the author) and custom fonts for special voices. The book was designed as a 6 x 9 book and is 284 pages long.

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