Simon Fayter, Book 3

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“The price of becoming a new creature is the death of the old…”

A desperate wizard. An old enemy. A hidden monster.

In a fit of genius (and cowardice) Simon has left his friends frozen in time, awaiting their deaths. Meanwhile, he explores the ancient magical city of Tarinea in hopes that he might find a way to save them. If he’s lucky, he might find another bloodstone while he’s at it. But Tarinea isn’t quite what the travel brochures said it would be. It’s a place of dark magic, ancient mysteries, old enemies, brutal competitions, of monsters and mayhem, of silent sorcerers, and foul intentions. To get through, he will have to trust a strange new friend, survive a mysterious teacher, and face the dangers of the Titan’s Groan…

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The design for Simon Fayter and the Titan’s Groan included styled chapter heading ribbons, footnotes, and graphical separators. The book was designed as a 5.06 x 7.81 book and is 266 pages long.

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