Simon Fayter and the Tomb of Rone by Austin J. Bailey



Simon Fayter, Book 2

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“Never give your name to a demon. Everyone knows that. Even I know that, but I did it anyway….”

Shortly after Simon joins the powerful ranks of the Circle of Eight, his discovery of an ancient secret at Skelligard castle sends him on a journey of epic proportions. He and his new friends will travel with pirates on a voyage across space toward a destination as dangerous as it is mysterious. Their goal: to find a wizard who has been imprisoned with his secret for hundreds of years. Behind them, a treacherous enemy follows, seeking revenge. Now Simon must harness the capricious magic of the turncoat to save his friends from the danger that lies ahead…and behind…

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The design for Simon Fayter and the Tomb of Rone included styled chapter headings, an illustrated chart (provided by author), footnotes, graphical separators, and 184 footnotes. The book was designed as a 5.06 x 7.81 book and is 302 pages long.

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