Editing is just one part of the publishing process. Find other professionals to complete your book.

Need a referral to another professional? Here are a few freelancers whose work I either admire or who I know personally.

If you contact any of the people below, please remember to mention that you were referred by Crystal Watanabe.

Cover Designers

Despite that age-old saying that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, readers definitely judge books by their cover.

Map Makers/Illustrators

I personally LOVE maps in books, so if you decide to include one in your book, make sure you tell me who did yours.

Voice Actors

Got something new?

Please book as early as possible.

Client Resources

Reference Files

Curious about a service you haven’t tried yet? Below you can view samples of different services. I also have a sample letter of agreement, which is used for projects over $250.

Facebook Groups

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