Painting the Mists

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Peace has returned to Fairweather County thanks to the timely interference of Cha Ming and his friends. Zhou Xian and the Merchant have been defeated, and the surviving residents have begun piecing their lives back together. But things have been better for the young heroes.

Cha Ming has been maimed and crippled. Alone and alienated, he must find a new place for himself in a new society. Meanwhile, Huxian is stranded on an isolated mountain. Having spent most of his life as a domesticated animal companion, he must awaken his animal instincts or die trying.

Gong Lan is losing herself with every passing day. Is this the price for power, or is there a better way? Hong Xin has disappeared, and Wang Jun is desperate to find her—for even the most wretched souls need light in their world of darkness.

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The design for Light in the Darkness included styled chapter headings with artwork (provided by author), footnotes, Chinese characters, and graphical separators. The book was designed as a 5.5 x 8.5 book and is 426 pages long. Images for Clear Sky are provided below, but the style has remained the same across the series.

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