Violet Fate Duology, Book 1

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After suffering a crushing defeat, four apprentices embark on separate journeys to strengthen their cultivation.

Ling Dong, a stubborn spiritual blacksmith, seeks to travel to the distant Blacksteel City. For this, he must secure the services of a beast tamer. The cost is difficult to bear, but bear it he must to have a chance at vengeance.
Jin Huang, an innocent alchemist, travels to Evergreen City to fight for fame and fortune. Little does he know that the game is rigged against him, and his prideful genius is nothing in the face of endless greed.

Yue Bing, a healer with a heart of gold, travels to the Southern Battlefield. Strange occurrences force her to come to terms with her darkest secrets. Secrets of blood and pain.

Zi Long, a lovestruck illusionist, seeks to find the whereabouts of his dearest friend. In a sect where deception is the norm and reality is just a suggestion, he strives to survive while seeking hidden truths and forbidden memories.

Their fates are intertwined, their stories written in a bloody tale of violet fate.

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The design for Violet Heart included styled chapter headings with artwork (provided by author), footnotes, Chinese characters, and graphical separators. The book was designed as a 5.5 x 8.5 book and is 380 pages long.

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