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The Challenge

Finding the right editor to join your team is no small matter. Not every editor is the right fit for the right author, and the same thought applies the other way: not every client or manuscript is the right fit for the editor. As an author, you need someone invested in your story, your voice, and your success.

The Solution

Pikko’s House provides a complimentary 2-page sample edit to help both parties determine whether it’s a good match. In addition to the sample edit, you can peruse the following on this website: a detailed breakdown of services, a list of experience, a portfolio of published clients’ work, and testimonials.

Extra Content Editing

Don’t invest all that work and money only to go live with an unedited blurb. Pikko’s House provides blurb editing and proofreading of other extra content (up to 1,000 words) as a complimentary service with every edit.

Client Dashboard

Clients gain access to the Client Dashboard, which provides current and past project details, important information, and client-only materials.

Post-Editing Services

As a client of Pikko’s House, you gain access to a menu of post-editing services including book mock-ups, distribution to the Pikko’s House Book Lovers Club, and marketing material assistance.

Monthly Newsletter

Pikko’s House clients receive a monthly newsletter with updates on new developments, services, and book releases.

Additional Client Benefits



Communication is a vital part of doing business with Pikko’s House. Email response time is usually between 12 and 24 hours.

Easy Payment Process

Easily pay for your deposits and balances online with eChecks, PayPal, or credit cards. Traditional methods of payment are also accepted.

Simple Quotation System

Build your own editing package to fit your editorial and budgetary needs with my easy-to-use quotation system. Quotations are valid for one year.


Peace of Mind

All editing projects quoted above $250 require a signed agreement. The current terms and conditions document outlines scope of services, communication, cancellation and postponement, project pipeline, investment, payment, and confidentiality.

Referral Program

Clients happy with their services can refer fellow authors to Pikko’s House and receive referral credit good for future projects.


Complimentary Review

Clients who utilize line editing services are provided with a complimentary Track Changes review. (limited to 1 hour per 50,000 words)

Email Reminders

Receive automated reminders about when your project start date is coming up and when work begins so that you can stay on track.

Annual Card

In today’s digital age, handwritten correspondence has become a lost art. Active clients receive a personalized annual card in the mail featuring books released by Pikko’s House clients in the past year.

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