SimpleMarkup #192 – A Different ‘OCD’

I’m in Week 3 of a hellish work schedule to try to catch up with my logjam, and the bright spot in all of that is our fridge is finally fixed! We were going on a month with a broken freezer/room temperature fridge, and let me tell you, that was rough in June in Hawaii! It’s easy to take for granted having a way to make ice during the summer, and we were all drinking less water because of this.

On top of my work, I’ve launched something new called the Editors Foundry, which is a coaching-centric Slack space for new editors building their freelance businesses. If this is you and you’re interested, check it out here!

This week’s comic brings Edie back to the editherapy couch, which I haven’t used in a while. Ask any editor what the “editor’s brain” is, and you’ll probably get a groan. The editor’s brain is a thing that is sometimes extremely difficult to turn off. Some editors actually complain about recreational reading being completely ruined, because that part of your brain that is so often in use during work can be difficult to shut off.

Also, just to note, this comic is a little inside dig at myself. I’m the type who has difficulty remembering the difference between a very specific set of idioms, and “deep-seated” is one of the ones I have to look up all the time. So you see, sometimes you can’t shut your editor’s brain off, other times you knock on it wondering if it’s working at all.

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  1. Hmm, actually, thought, “deep-seeded” does make sense–a seed planted very deep in the ground!

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