SimpleMarkup #173 – Last-Minute Infestation

I had my week all mapped out, but having so much to do means I just couldn’t keep myself focused enough to get this posted on Wednesday, even though I had the idea for it all written out by Tuesday.

This is actually based on an email conversation I had with a longtime client of mine as we were finalizing his print formatting. I edit, I run software checks, he hires my team for proofreading, he has beta readers squinting for typos, and yet while I was doing the print, I managed to find a missing period and a missing quotation mark.

I have dubbed them “demon typos.” They stay invisible for the entire editorial process, then in the final stages, they appear and eat random tiny things or nudge single letters.

And for those of you here for the bonus panel—which is something new that I may keep doing if I ever don’t have room for my entire strip idea—here it is:

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