SimpleMarkup #174 – Word Witches

Whew, this month has been a doozy thus far. I’d thought January 2021 was going to be a fluke, and told myself that February was the cutoff for 2020’s shenanigans, but apparently I was wrong, because February has been the kind of month riddled with little annoyances and pesky stumbles that pile up until you snap. I can’t even remember what half of them were already, mostly because I keep having to deal with the next one.

That said, maybe I should look at it as troubleshooting experience, and I’ll be nicely immune to such problems in the future.

This week’s comic is based on… me. Seriously, my Word is possessed. I’ll click in a manuscript, and I’ll get zipped to the end of the document. Or words in a line will be missing until I scroll down and back up. Or my vertical Track Changes red line will disappear unless I switch in and out of different markup modes.

One time, a comment *I* made in a manuscript was changed to be the name of one of my clients, only that manuscript was written by a completely different client. And I know I made that comment myself. This legitimately scared me, because Word should be more reliable than this. I update 365 very regularly now, but even doing that, I get weird things happening, and it doesn’t make me feel good or secure. That said, I’m not willing to use anything else, so for now I will simply complain about it, lol.

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