SimpleMarkup #202 – A Different Kind of Killer

Yikes, where did October go? I’ve been trying to bail myself out of a leaky boat of work, and the little spoon I was using was taking me forever. Thankfully, things are much lighter, which means I finally have time to get started (way late) on my Halloween SimpleMarkups!

Edie loves to dress up. In previous years, she’s been a semighoulon, Count Trackula, a first-draft mummy, the Grim Editor, and two types of witches. This year, she’s Ghostface, whose signature line is, of course, “Do you like scary movies?”

This week, I have to somehow find time to decorate so that I’m not decorating for Halloween for less than a week. Also, I’m going to Dune tomorrow, which I’m suuuuper excited about!

I hope you all are having a great fall so far.

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