SimpleMarkup #193 – Fontal Attraction

Uh-oh. I’m like, seven comics away from #200. Gleep! I have no idea what to do! When I hit 100, I just did a big collage of the previous 99 comics, but that was like, a half cop-out, right? I feel like I need to up my game somehow…

This week’s comic would have come earlier, except I’ve had a rather hellish week, with things like a lower-back injury and a broken stovetop. Plus I had comic-writer’s block until yesterday, when I came across a new-to-me font called Spectral that a client used in a manuscript.

I always love finding new, clean fonts that I can work easily in, and when I mentioned it, people on my team fawned over it too. That’s one way you know you’ve found your tribe—when people fawn over fonts with you with palpable typeface nerdiness.

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Have a great weekend!

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