2015 Christmas Book Bonanza


There are only 15 days left before Christmas, and my first annual Christmas Book Bonanza is finally here! A couple of months ago, I started wondering if there was something fun I could do with all of the wonderful authors I’ve had a chance to work with, meet, and interact with over the last year. Since I’m a complete gift wrapping addict, wrapping books that authors work so hard on sounded like the perfect thing. I sent out a request for book donations, offering to wrap and distribute the finished gifts to interested bookworms.


I ended up getting in twenty-two books from a group of generous authors, who I have dubbed “author elves.” Over the last few days, I have been working on wrapping and photographing the books, and now they’re ready to be claimed by book lovers! This year’s author elves:

Austin J. Bailey (The Mage and the Magpie, 2 copies, signed)
D.K. Cassidy (Spilt Milk, Curious Reality set)
Peter Cawdron (What We Left Behind)
Lindsay Edmunds (New Sun Rising, 3 copies)
J.M. Lominy (Policeman Legros, The Deadly Rose set)
Ernie Luis (Alternate, 2 copies)
Susan Kaye Quinn (The Legacy Human, The Locksmith set, signed)
N.J. Tanger (Chimera, Helios, 3 sets)
Rysa Walker (Timebound, Time’s Edge, Time’s Divide set)

There is a small catch: you’ll need to pay $6 for shipping (Rysa Walker’s set will be $12 since it’s three books), and at this price, I can only ship to the USA. However, if you want to send this as a gift to someone in the US, but live outside the US, that’s completely fine. If you insist on sending a gift to somewhere else in the world, the shipping will be higher, depending on where it’s going. If shipping to the US happens to cost more than $6, I will cover the balance.

What you get in return is a free book (or books, since some are sets!) with premium wrapping and a bow hand-made by me. Most places will charge you from $4-10 for gift wrapping, so you know you’re getting a bargain here. 🙂


Whether you’re getting one for yourself, for a friend or loved one, or just want to give a fellow book lover something nice, you can be sure a lot of love went into each one!

Aside from the location restriction for the $6 shipping fee, I am also placing a 1 item limit per person for this, since I’m hoping to spread the generosity of my author elves as widely as possible.

If you’re interested in grabbing a book, please browse through the books below and email me at crystal @ pikkoshouse.com. Books will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Limit one per person/household. Genres available include action/adventure, middle-grade, post-apocalyptic, young adult, science fiction, and literary fiction. If you would like a blind gift, meaning you won’t know what the book is until you receive it, please note this in your email.

Blind gifts spoken for: 2

There are only fifteen gifts available, so be sure to email me as soon as possible! Shipments will be sent out via USPS Priority Mail.

Please note that gifts will arrive with ribbons flattened during packaging. All ribbons have been made with wire-edged ribbon, meaning all you have to do is puff them back up gently with your fingers and they’ll look as advertised above! I will include some brief instructions for this with each gift.

My heartfelt thanks to my author elves, who made all of this possible. I hope those of you that receive books enjoy them! If you post about them, please use the hashtag #ChristmasBookBonanza. Happy Holidays!

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