Pikko’s House Digital Subscription Box

I posted about this in my blurb giveaway for March, but since it’s buried in its own post and really deserves its own post, here we are.

Pikko's House Digital Subscription Box

I KNOW. Looks super badass, right?

Well, before you get all excited, note that it says “digital” in there. I’m a sucker for subscription boxes, and I’ve dreamt about starting up my own subscription box several times, reading up on CrateJoy articles and fantasizing about being a box queen of Something Amazing.

And then I come back down to Earth and realize I barely have time to brush my hair, much less curate and stuff boxes every month for, I dunno, book lovers or editors or other people in the various tribes I’m in. So this is the next best thing.

Also, as a tradeoff for me not actually stuffing a real box and hauling my butt down to the post office to send you stuff, it’s free.

What You Get

Things that will be in it include:

  • Editing/writing tips
  • The latest releases from my clients
  • ARC opportunities
  • Giveaway updates (blurb edits, SimpleMarkup items, etc.)
  • Exclusive coupons on editorial services
  • Booking updates
  • Tips for running a freelance editing business
  • Limited book deals from my clients

Who is this for? Anyone who is interested in my business or books, really. This box will be for readers, for fellow editors, and for authors. Not yet ready to book services with me? This box is a great way to get to know me and how I run things at Pikko’s House.

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