SimpleMarkup #40 – Red Alert

Hey there, edibuddies and authors? Are you enjoying my Princess Bride crossover comics? It’s been fun introducing new characters, and I’ll probably go back to a regular comic next week, but I’ll bring this little side storyline back in whenever I think of something new. Hopefully you’ve been getting some giggles out of it.

Today’s comic comes with a bonus: a special poster for Edie! You’ll see it after the comic. This week, Edie meets a type of writer that many editors encounter: the one who knows what they need more than the editor.

SimpleMarkup #40 Red Alert

I’ve probably seen stories about this type of client more than any other, so I know my fellow editors will likely have a particular client or inquiry pop into their heads immediately. Some of them have happy endings, others do not. I’ve been lucky enough to have quite a few happy endings. 🙂

And woohoo! It’s been FORTY weeks since I started this little comic. It’s crazy that I originally meant to do this monthly, and now I’m closing in on a year. To celebrate, here’s a special poster for Edie.

More Than An Editor

Heehee. For those of you not sure what the significance is, yesterday Marvel released a ton of posters to celebrate their first ten years, and I’m just having a little fun with their cool factor.

Meet Edie, the Grammarvenger!

I know you’re all probably groaning and facepalming, but come on, that’s punny, right?


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