SimpleMarkup #42 – An Editorial Affliction

We’re just about at the halfway point of 2018 already, and at the end of this week I’m going to take a look at how much I’ve done for the year and make sure I’m on track to hit some of the goals I set for myself. And maybe figure out if I can give myself a day off in the next two months without feeling guilty. It doesn’t help that I bought a tank top the other day that says “NO DAYS OFF.”

It was probably for working out, but ehh… It fits, right? 🙂

SimpleMarkup #42

So how about it, editors? Are you plagued with this affliction? Did you know that another symptom of orthographic meticulitus is that you can’t retain the answers to such wordly questions for longer than three hours? And you end up looking up the answer practically every week, adding to your imposter syndrome and edixiety?

Or is that just me?

And for the record, it’s makeup, cross-legged, and zigzag. If you use Collegiate, anyway.

Note to Sarah: I use Collegiate.

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