SimpleMarkup #93 – Portfolio Upkeep

Holy bananas. Have you seen the number above? I’m on SimpleMarkup 93! I’m closing in on #100! I bet you think I have something really funny and special planned.



I’m still struggling to catch up on work from my sick month in May, and between that and a big birthday party coming up (oh no, I’m starting to feel that cake fever again…), I’m surprised I still wake up in the mornings. I’m sure I’ll come up with something, though. I just have no clue what it is yet. 🙂

This week’s comic perfectly sums up how my portfolio updating has been going for about two months now. I’d come up with a fantastic system earlier this year where I’d only add two books to my portfolio every few days, but then I started falling behind.

Then I started putting “Add 2 books to portfolio” on my list every day, and every update (If I haven’t said it before, or if you’re new here, I post my daily list in my Pikko’s House Slack channel so that other people can see, thus making me feel accountable) I’d have to put a big fat red X next to it.

That said, this is a good problem to have. I remember when the only thing I had to do was update my website (and stalk book searches on Amazon to see if there was something new I could add).

Edie in the comic was very close to me last night. I’d done the bulk of my to-do list, and I’d knocked off a bunch of smaller tasks. It was 11:30, and I was like, YAY, I can add those two books now.

<insert farting around>

And then it was bedtime. The end.

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