SimpleMarkup #126 – A Way with Words

Woohoo! It’s February, and not just any February—it’s a Leap Year February. I’m grateful for that extra day, because I have a lot to get done this month, both for Pikko’s House and for my new school. Have you joined yet? If not, be sure to check it out! Authors and aspiring editors are welcome.

This week’s comic is inspired by edibuddy Courtney B. Jenkins, who last week asked in a group what you call the thing on the car door right under the window. Is it a window sill? A car… ledge? An armrest? Is there no word for it at all?

Whatever it is, sometimes I end up with similar questions about everyday things I don’t even think about, and sometimes I just end up calling it whatever I dubbed it while trying to figure out whatever it is, no matter what it’s actually called. Word inventiveness.

Have a fabulous February and a great rest of your week!

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