SimpleMarkup #171 – Work Resolution(s)

Happy New Year 2021! Wow, does it feel good to have that year behind us. I have my Year in Review post that I need to start working on, which will be a bit hard given how far behind in stats I got in the second half of the year due to how busy things were. I also still have to work on bringing three new team members on board. I haven’t even begun the screening yet, so if you’ve been wondering, I’m getting to it!

One of the little things on my agenda: Find a font that has decent punctuation, sigh. I like the question marks for this one (which is actually different from the text font itself), but the exclamation points just look like lowercase Ls on my blog’s image size.

In other news, I have something for sale: Edie masks! These masks were custom made for my team, and I have extras. I ordered material with Edie on it, and my mom (who sews and sells masks on Etsy) made them for me. In total, I’ll only have about 20 to sell, so if you’re a fan of Edie and want one of these, please email me. I’m selling them for $12.99, including shipping to the US. If you’re outside the US, I’ll need to check on what the cost to ship will be.

The masks have four layers, a wire sewn into the top to fit to your nose, and rubber stoppers on the elastic to help you fit it to your size.

We’re almost out of the woods with this pandemic, but we’ve got months to go in the US, so now you can stay safe with Edie!

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